Dear Dr. Daniel I like how you let us have stuff.
Your friend,

Ben, Age 7

This is my first time here. A great experience. The doctor was excellent. Love it. Will be back of course. Will drive from where I live in Centerpoint to here.

Miss M., Age 48

The best part of the office is the staff. Always cheerful, especially Andre, and upbeat.

Pat, Age 68

I am probably the worst individual that any dentist would ever want to see… However, I am blessed to be a client of Dr. Daniel and his staff. They make me feel like God designed the human race to feel, loved and truly cared for. Respectfully,

W.C., Age 51

How can a dentist office or dentist be “nice”? Actually, the office is nice—the dentist is… I’ve still not decided. Andre is the reason I come!

Mrs. F., Age 69

Kindness is observed here. Andre is my favorite person to talk to–always cheerful and helpful. Thanks to all in this office. Merry Christmas! God is good all the time!

Linda, Age 65

Thank you for always understanding and trying to always help.

Eddie, Age 32

Best in town.

Hilda, Age 78

Dr. Daniels office is better than Cats. I’d see it again and again. Don’t forget me, and Jesus loves you!

Shane, Age 44

This is one of the nicest office we ever bin to they have nice people, an a good looking office, an nice rooms an I’ve never bin to a tentece that has a tv so that’s why I rote this lett

PS: I like the cookies.

Anonymous, Age 8

Dr. Daniel and his staff are one of the nicest people and I’ve never been to a dentist who I guess you could say makes sure your okay. They don’t hurt you! I love these guys. I’ve always hated the dentist until I came here. Thank you again for all you’ve done.

Charissa, Age 26

I have been coming to Dr. Daniel’s office for almost six years, and I cannot even begin to describe what a wonderful experience I’ve had. Dr. Daniel and his extremely experienced team are exceptional! I feel right at home as soon as I walk in the door! It is such a great feeling to walk in an office and everyone knows your name and asks about your personal situation. Who would have thought that after a simple conversation with a former colleague that I would still be coming here! B._____ referred me to Dr. Daniel, and I’ve had such a great experience that I don’t want to go anywhere else! Thank you for all that you do and for not kicking me out because I am always late! You guys are AWESOME!

Virginia, Age 28

Dr. Daniel and his staff are awesome. They are always really friendly and funny. They also wear pink which just happens to be an amazing color. I switched here a few years ago from another dentist and feel much more at home here. They make the dentist fun.

Katey, Age 16

I’ve been to a lot of dentists before for a lot of unpleasant dental work, and Dr. Daniel’s office was by far the best I’ve visited. The staff are friendly and helpful, not to mention competent, and charge fair prices. The atmosphere is positive and inviting. Dr. Daniel himself is considerate, skilled and friendly. I used to be staunchly opposed to dentist visits. Now (although I still won’t jump at the thought of another root canal), I expect I’ll be more enthusiastic about getting dental work done, and certainly won’t ever put it off for years like I did after my previous dentist messed things up. Thank you, you guys are awesome!

Timothy, Age 22