Here’s where most dental websites list a bunch of services. If you’ve visited any of those, you know the list we’re talking about (see below!). We are a full service dental office, providing a broad range of services from cleaning teeth, to eliminating pain, to repairing and restoring your beautiful smile and ability to chew.

  • We can relieve tooth pain with root canals or extractions.
  • We can relieve jaw pain with treatments aimed at relaxing the muscles and joints around the mouth.
  • We can straighten teeth with Clear Correct Invisible Orthodontics.
  • We can fix broken or decayed teeth with fillings and crowns and other restorations.
  • We can repair your smile with cosmetic work.
  • We can even replace missing teeth with partials, fixed bridges, implants and removable dentures.
  • Whatever your needs we can treat you with all the care, compassion, and skill necessary for your best dental health.